At the FENG, I am teaching the following courses namely;
1. Signals and Systems (SST5321), 3rd \ DSWE
2.Matlab Programming (MLB5513), 2nd \ CHEM

Stage: 3rd DSWE 
Classroom: F2H4
No. of Students: 30

Stage: 2nd DCHE
Classroom: F2H9
No. of Students: 35

My P
hilosophy in Teaching
In my opinion, the process of teaching is a joint operation between the professor and students. Therefore; the students must engage and help them to acquire analytical methods and the necessary skills that will help them to see things as it should encourage students to scientific production outstanding and make the learning process more fun and engage students in discussions with a view to encouraging them to express their point of view.
On the other hand the educational process requests successful series of technical and scientific instruments, which should be available at the educational institution especially the ones associated with modern technology