At the FSCH , DBIO  , I am teaching two course namely;
1.  ( Plant Anatomy & Taxanomy ) (PAT6108)
2.  (Biochemistry) ( BCH6109)

Cousre 1 (PAT6108)
Stage: second
Classroom: Hall 9.
No. of Students: 38

Cousre 2 (BCH6109)
Stage: Second
Classroom: Hall 9.
No. of Students: 38

My P
hiosophy in Teaching
Firstly :My best words to all my students  ( My job is to give you a scientific methods to learn and not to give you a certificate of graduation.
Secondly: Teaching and learning involves an inherent contract. Students must agree to take responsibility for their learning in order to engage, and teachers must be willing to be engaged, as well. When students are so engaged, their learning is not solely dependent upon the rate of the delivery of lectures, so a mix and match of pace and teaching strategies designed to meet the needs of a range of learning skills need not be debilitating to the progress of any students. I welcome a group of students who are actively involved, thinking and questioning the material presented to them whether presented by me or by another student. I believe that scientific researches have a positive feedback to teaching quality.