Academic Profile

Asst. Prof. Dr. Yaseen Noori M. AL-Shekhany
Instructor of plant Sciences and Medicinal natural products.
(+964) - 770 139 3250
Koya - Kurdistan - Iraq

Outline Biography
   Yaseen Skekhany is assistant prof. of Plant biology in the Department of Biology, where joined the work at Koya University since 2004.
He gained a B.Sc. degree in plant production from Tikrit University in 2001, M.Sc. degree in Plant physiology (Field crops) from Tikrit University and PhD. degree in Botany from Tikrit University at 2015.

Research Interests
1- Medicinal plants.
2- Medicinal natural products (Phytochemicals).
3- Antimicrobial , antioxidant activity & antibiotic.
4- Plant therapeutic value and human nutrition.
5- Plant anatomy & taxonomy.
6- Plant physiology.
7- Plant Pathology.

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