At the FENG, DSWE, I am teaching three courses namely;
1. Perspective (AE202)
2. Architecture Design III (
3. Building Technology (AE406)

Course code ( AE202)   
Stage: 2nd
Classroom: F1DH1
No. of Students: 35

Course code 
Classroom: F1DH2
No. of Students: 21

Course code  (AE406)  
Stage: 4th 
Classroom: F1DH4
No. of Students: 19
My P
hiosophy in Teaching
For me, teaching is an evolving activity: I’m not the same teacher today that I was ten years ago or even five years ago. To articulate my philosophy of teaching is to capture the teacher that I am at this moment, not the teacher I was nor the teacher I wish to become. Central to my teaching philosophy is the notion that theory and practice are integrated activities. My teaching evolves with my expanding reading of theoretical and empirical texts, with my continuing experience in the classroom, and with my growing awareness of the work of other disciplines. 
I believe that teaching and learning involve reflection and action. As a teacher, I allow space in my pedagogy for students to reflect upon what they’ve learned; sometimes they write reflective essays about their writing practices, sometimes the reflection occurs in less formal ways. But I believe that one can't know what one knows until one has the opportunity to reflect upon his or her experiences. Students often tell me that it was through these reflection opportunities that they came to synthesize and integrate their new skills and knowledge. They are then better able to apply their newly conceived skills across assignments, projects, discourses, or courses