Curriculum Vitae


• 1983 Start of the study university in Milan Polytechnic Faculty of Architecture.

• 1990 end of the study in the Polytechnic University of Milan.

• 1991 Jobs in pipani study in Milan for a year.

• 1992 Jobs in Oak Kooperativa the gardens for three years.

• 1992 began studying Master in Landscape at the university of Genoa.

• 1993 jobs a year in the commune of Genoa in cooperation with the University of Genoa.

• 1994 jobs a year in Rapallo Common in cooperation with the unversita of Genoa.

• 1995 Term Study of the Master University of Genoa.

• 1999 - 2000 Common work to Berlin

• 2010 I was hired by the University of Koya.

language :

- language of italy

-language of germany

- language of turky