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Koya - Kurdistan - Iraq
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Outline Biography
Vyan Hassan Abdullah, her surname scientific teacher, and got a Ph.D. in administrative law from the University of Koya 2012, and got a master's degree in administrative law from the University of Salahuddin in 2003, and got a Bachelor of Law from the University of Salahuddin in 1995.
And her university service nearly 21 years, and her first appointment at the Faculty of Law - University of  Salahuddin entitled Research Assistant. And has continued to work until obtaining a master's from the same college and thus modified her surname to the assistant teacher and became a member of the Center for academic Salahaddin University and was director of planning in Social and Criminal Research Center, and is presented several Samnarat in subjects of administrative corruption and the organization of administrative and autonomy system

Research Interests

vyan's research interest includes the following fields;
1. activating the role of public administration in the state to provide the best services to individuals.
2-obliging the administration to respect the principle of legality in order not to abusing a their powers.
3-activating the role of the administrative judiciary in order to ensure the protection of the principle of legality by the the public administration and the protection of the rights of individuals from abuses the administration.

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