The Course

The Vernacular Architecture (VAR) in Kurdistan (خانووسازی خۆماڵی لە کوردستانis the study of eco-friendly buildings and homes that are artistically pleasing yet blend harmoniously with the indigenous environment. This is first ever academic attempt to study, research and document the significations of Vernacular Architecture in Kurdistan. In this class we learn how communities and building has been created in Kurdistan and neighbouring communities with no real architectural skills. We learn about factors that have had impact in choices of shapes, materials, and techniques building dwellings in these communities. 

People of Kurdistan region has been building to satisfy their basic needs and skills over millenia. They have impressed with their local beliefs and cultural significance influenced by their environmental factors. Building under these circumstances have allowed for creation of dwellings that are more sustainable and culturally accepted in surrounding environments.

Vernacular Architecture in Kurdistan is widely an understudied subject. The purpose of this study is to  analysis of building habits of Kurdistan. Trends in building rush in Kurdistan region needs to have clear fingerprint of Kurdish cultural heritage. The study of rural lifestyle, building habits and local materials and traditions of Kurdistan will give valuable information about sustainable building habits in Kurdistan which can be useful in finding sustainable choices of new development in the region.

This course is available as one day course The introduction to Vernacular Architect in Kurdistan, for other universities and companies, please for further information communicate with lecture Dr Dilan Majid Rostam

Course details

Faculty:  Faculty of Engineering (FENG)
Department:  Department of Architectural Engineering (DARE)
Course title:  Vernacular Architecture in Kurdistan (خانووسازی خۆماڵی لە کوردستان)
Course code:  VAR5038
Language:  English
Location:  FENG.F1H9
Period:  1st Semester 2014
Lecturer:  Dr Dilan Majid Rostam & Mrs. Dedar Salam Khoshnaw
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Support:  Office Hours 12-14 or by appointment
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Entry level skills

The student must be able to read various provided sources in English and write essays and participate in class discussions.