At the FHSS, DLAW, I am teaching three courses namely;
  1. Principles of Administrative Justice ADL7039
  2. Administrative Law \ Administrative acts and Principle of Legality  ADL7039
  3. Commercial Law and Companies CLC7110
  4. Administrative Law ADL7226
 Course ADL7039
Stage:3 rd
Classroom:  (Hall Seminars) 5
No. of Students: 33

 Course CLC7110
Stage:2 rd
Classroom:  (Hall Seminars) 7
No. of Students: 27

Course ADL7039
Stage:4 rd
Classroom:  (Hall Seminars) 5
No. of Students: 39

My P
hiosophy in Teaching

The prevailing philosophy in most universities and colleges has been the Instruction Paradigm where the main goal is to provide instruction, to teach. This paradigm, which emphasizes the transfer and deliver of knowledge from 
faculty to students, has proved to be ineffective in ransforming students’ lives and in helping them create and discover knowledge by themselves. On the other hand, the main objective of a learning institution is to create learning nvironments that 
produce deep learning. I conceive the university itself as a learner, which must strive to continuously improve the quality of learning for each member of its community –students, faculty, and administration- individually and in the aggregate.My personal mission is to create an environment within the Department that brings all onstituents to discover and construct knowledge for themselves, and to encourage the University to assume responsibility for both institutional learning outcomes and individual student outcomes.I see the Department’s mission and goals as follows. This mission and goals need to be widely discussed and reelaborated. I offer them as a starting point for a discussion.The Department’s mission is to help our students to critically examine the law in different legal traditions and cultures, to analyze legal issues from multiple theoretical perspectives, and to value the contributions of social sciences to the Law.The Department strives to promote a dynamic learning culture that fosters deep learning and it encourages faculty to engage in the scholarship of teaching and learning. The Department also encourages faculty to expand the knowledge base by producing cutting- edge research on a wide array of Law and Justice issues and to integrate this research into the students’ learning experiences.