At the FHSS,  English department, I am teaching one course  namely;
1. french (code)


Course code
Stage: first 
No. of Students: 60

My P
hiosophy in Teaching

 Mauger I is one of the important divisions of learning French language .Grammar is the total mechanism which a language possesses and through which its users are able to communicate with each other. Grammar refers to the formal analysis and description of the rules of the language. This is known as ‘Descriptive grammar’. Grammar also refers to the rules for the correct use of a language which may be prescribed for its users.

     We unconsciously use grammar all the time when we use language for speaking, listening, reading and writing. If we want to improve our french language abilities, there is no escape from addressing grammar issues.


Course objective

1. To develop students insights into the structure of french language.

2. To acquaint the students with the standard form of the language.

3. To help the students to use the language correctly and efficiently.

4. To enable the students to assimilate the correct patterns of the language.

5. To develop the mental abilities of reasoning and correct observation.

6. To develop a scientific attitude in students.

7. Enhancing the second year student’s knowledge and ability in understanding the grammatical concepts of french parts of speech, phrases, clauses and sentences.