Research & Supervision

1- MSc. supervised : title:  Isolation and Identification of Penicillium corylophilumas antibacterial-Producing Fungi in the Soil Environment of Ranya  and Koya district

To determine the variety of organisms that live in soil.

To identify an antibiotic producer in the above population.

To test the extracted antibiotic against isolated bacteria.
2-Effect ofAllium sativumandNigella sativa extract on aflatoxin production by Aspergillusflavus

· Isolation and identification of fungi from petroleum contaminated soil, in much petroleum screening station, in some Kurdistan regions.

· Isolation and identification of Aspergillus flavus in the local area samples.

· Effect of garlic and black seed on Aspergillus flavus.

· Detection of Aflatoxins.

· Finding of some Aflatoxin basic gene by molecular method.