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  1. Detection of aflatoxin from some Aspergillus sp. isolated from wheat seeds (submited to Journals)
  2. Relation between apple consumption and lipid profiles (submited to Journals)
  3. Effect of aqueous extracts of Punica and Quercus against Penicillium spp. and Cladosporium spp.mycelial growth.

  4. Effect of NAA and IAA on stem cuttings of Dalbergia sissoo (Roxb).
  5. Apple consumption reduces serum triglyceride in men subjects.

  6. The Studying of Production Biodiesel From Poultry Fats As An Alternative Fuel Than Traditional Petroleum Diesel Fuel

  7. Assessment of Soil Fungal Diversity at Different Depth in Haibat Sultan Mountain by PCR-Cloning-Sequencing Methods

Conference Papers 
  1. Effect of different concentrations of Magnesium and Iron on Soybean nutritional status using DRIS methodology.
  2. Isolation of dust borne fungi at koya primary and secondary schools.
  3. Study of salt stress by sodium chloride on seed germination and growth of Trigonellafoenum-gracum L.

  4. Effect of aqueous extracts of Punica granatum and Quercus infectoria against Penicillium spp. and Cladosporium spp.mycelial growth.