Welcome to Koya University Student Handbook
The current edition of the Koya University Student Handbook and 2014-15 Code of Student Conduct found therein, is considered the valid policy and procedure manual for Koya University students. All students are subject to the policies and regulations found in the 2014-15 edition of the Student Handbook.

The Student Handbook is published by The Office of the Vice President for Scientific and Student Affairs at Koya University. The information in this Handbook was collected and compiled in the summer of 2012. Since the included programs and services are subject to continuous review and evaluation, the University reserves the right to make changes at any time without notice.

As members of the Koya University community, students are expected to uphold  its standards, which can be found in the following pages and available online. The new Code of Student Conduct includes some important changes that may impact you. Our aim is to present to students, faculty and staff the policies, rules and code of conduct in clear and direct language. We will work to communicate the standards, and the consequences for violating these standards, through outreach and educational efforts during the year ahead.

Also included in this publication is the Koya University Pledge, which attests to our commitment to respect for inclusiveness and diversity at Koya University, and conveys to all members of our campus the continued need for effective communication  and the desire to uphold the norms of a respectful community.