At the FSCH, Department Medical microbiology, I am teaching two courses namely;
1. second level (Medical Microbiology Department)  ( MEB6508)
2. fourth level (Biology Department) ( (MIB6110)
3. Third level (Medical Microbiology Department) (AAG6512) 

 Practical Medical Bacteriology Course code MEB6508
Stage: Second of DMEM

Classroom: Lab Bacteriology
No. of Students:35 

Course code Medical Bacteriology 
Stage: forth of DBIO
Classroom: 8
No. of Students: 43

Course code AntimicrobialAgents AAG6512
Stage: Third of DMEM
Classroom: Hall No. 13
No. of Students:37 

Course codeAAG6512
Stage: Third of DMEM
Classroom: Lab Bacteriology
No. of Students:37

My P
hiosophy in Teaching
I have my own specialty in teaching, the important things must be my class active in answering Question, and I want to show my students practically all microorganisms that present in syllabus if it was not found in our labs I prepare it from Sulaimanya city. . 
Adoption of the modern student assessment and distribution of grades on the overall activities during the semester and diversity patterns questions and thoroughness in the evaluation process all of which fall under the duties of a faculty member.

Provide students with developing plan, including elements of the decision and the definition of distributed per a weeks of the semester and the dates.