Academic Profile

Srwa Ali Muhammed
Assistant prof.      Microbiology
(+964) - 07701455173
Koya - Kurdistan - Iraq

Outline Biography
I am a lecturer of theory of Diagnostic Microbiology , Antimicrobial agents and practical of medical bacteriology in  department of Medical Microbiology. I joined the work at Koya University since 2008. Before that I was a responsible Bacteriological department in Ministry of Health at General Hospital, I was member of ٍScientific Committee of hospital laboratories  in Sulaimania city.
I gained B. Sc. degree in Biology at Unversity of Salahaden in 1987.
 M.Sc. degree in Microbial Genetic in  Baghdad   in 2008.
I started my academic teaching in 2008 when I joined the work at the Biology Department in Koya University, as an Assistant Lecturer in the department of Biology, and in July, 2012 I was promoted to become a lecturer. I taught several topic in these years such as (practical food microbiology, practical industrial, practical soil microbiology, practical microbial physiology, practical immunology, practical medical bacteriology, theory of antimicrobial agents, theory of diagnostic microbiology).

teach several topic at my Faculty 1- Theory of Diagnostic Microbiology  DIM 6530 
                                                     2- Practical of Medical Bacteriology   MEM 6508
                                                      3- theory and practical of Antimicrobial agents AAG6512

Research Interests
                    1- effect of several types of kurdish medicinal plant on bacterial virulence factors and using it as curing agent.  
                    2- isolation and identification of these microorganisms that cause nosocomial infection.
                    3- plant extraction
                     4- work on bacterial virulence factors such as biofilm, enterotoxins and resistance genes,


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