At the FEDU, Dkur, I am teaching two courses namely;
1. theory criticism

Course code : TCR8121
Stage: 3
Classroom: 8&7 (Hall no.) 21 & 16
No. of Students: 41

Course code:  KRS8200
Stage: 1 
Classroom: 7
No. of Students: 89

Course code
Stage: 1 
Classroom: 1
No. of Students: 30
My P
hiosophy in Teaching

- My goal is to teach and encourage the students to know more about literature . This is to teach them to analyze the texts.
-I encourage the students to love their department, and appreciate the university efforts, their teachers and other students . 
Developing their skills in this area to be more concerned.Educating the students in a modern and scientific method, which helps them to understand easier.