At the FHSS,Department of Administration and Accounting (DADE) , I am Lectured three courses namely;
        1. Financial Management (FNM7117)
        2.Management reading in English
        3.Accounting Information Systems(AIS7126 ).
FNM7117Financial Management

1. Financial Management (FNM7117)
Stage: 3rd Accounting 
3rd Administration 
Classroom: (3)
No. of Students: 45+45

2.Management reading in English
2nd Administration   
Classroom: 3 (3)
No. of Students: 55

3.Accounting Information Systems(AIS7126 )
Stage: 4th Accounting 
Classroom: (4)
No. of Students: 38

                                                  My Philosophy
in Teaching

The General Aim of this courses of study are to introduce different aspects of Financial Management, Management reading in English and Accounting Information system . 

In addition The purpose of this lecture of Financial Managements to enable students to understand the financial decision-making process and to interpret the impact that financial decisions will have on value creation. The lectures, therefore, introduces students to the three major decision-making areas in financial management: the investment, financing, and asset management decisions.

 But  Management reading in English helps in solving problems in modern companies.