Academic Profile

Soma Fatah Rasul 
M.Sc assistant lecture
(+964) - 7510545776
Koya - Kurdistan - Iraq
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Outline Biography
I have completed a Bachelor degree in Agriculture majoring- University of Koya in 2009. In the same year after graduating i was employed in Koya University as assistance teacher. I have been working on there for two years. During in these two years i have gained experience in teaching and also I have acquired more information about my major. I was assistance lecturer in some practice courses about application of agricultural machineries in fields. In addition, i have done more practice about different type of agricultural machinery and equipment and how adjusting, particularly about engine. After two years working in koya university in July 2011 i went to  Australia to study master in agriculture engineering  in university of southern Queensland and i have graduated in the end of 2013. Now i am assistant lecturer in Medical Microbiology department in Faculty of Health and Science in Koya University. 

Research Interests
1. Alternative fuels for tractor Engine
2. renewable energy

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