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Stage: Two
Classroom: 2  (Hall no.4 & 5 )
No. of Students: 93

My P
hiosophy in Teaching

    There are several values that I try to teach students, both by my words and my actions. Included among these are the following: the importance of organization, preparation, and homework; respect for other people and their views; the public service obligations of the lawyer; the value of clear and effective communication in both written and oral form; the importance of fair process; the centrality of equality, to name but a few.
     I also encourage students in their own research papers to move beyond the mere description of the present state of law to make constructive suggestions for law reform. . It is important for students and teachers to realize that pedagogy and scholarship are allies rather than enemies in the academic enterprise.
    My goal is to encourage thinking in rational ways, so that this can be applied in other, unfamiliar situations. I particularly emphasize learning to think about trends and directions, rather than rote memorization of facts.