At the FENG, DSWE, I am teaching two courses namely;
1. Data Structures and Algorithms (DSA5307)
2. Programming with Matlab (MLB5216)

Data Structures and Algorithms (DSA5307)
Stage:  2nd
Classroom: F2H2
No. of Students: 30

Programming with Matlab (MLB5216)
Stage: 2nd 
Classroom: F2H8
No. of Students: 57

My P
hiosophy in Teaching
Nowadays, programming language has attracted more attention because of its a very wide range of applications in different areas. Typically, it can be written in such a way that can control the behaviour of a machine or devices such as computers, mobile phones, robotics, aircrafts...etc. For uncomplicated programs with small amounts of data, such a simple approach might be all you need. However, for programs that handle even moderately large amounts of data, or which solve problems that are slightly out of the ordinary, more sophisticated techniques are necessary. Typically, students must be taught how to engage in this kind of problem solving. Although I have a particular solution in mind, I often let the students derive the progression of a lecture. Rather than tell the students the solution I have in mind, I ask them, “What should we try first?” We try some approach, see how it fares, and proceed based on that feedback.