At the FENG, DCEN, I am teaching three courses namely;
1. Engineering Mechanics-I (KOU20201)
2. Engineering Mechanics-II (KOU20211)
3. Highway Engineering (HEN5119)

Engineering Mechanics-I (KOU20201)
Stage: First
Classroom: F2H5
No. of Students: 25

Engineering Mechanics-II (KOU20211)
Stage: First
Classroom: F2H5
No. of Students: 25

Highway Engineering (HEN5119)
Stage: Third
Classroom: F1H7
No. of Students: 23

My Phiosophy in Teaching

I view learning as an emergent process in a student’s mind, which leads to a discernible change in their knowledge, skills and abilities. Learning results from the experiences of a student in diverse contexts, both within and outside a classroom. These views have shaped my teaching philosophy. My role is to motivate students to learn and be an active companion in their learning process by providing expert guidance in a friendly environment. I provide students with different entry points into the subject matter. I believe that effective teaching is possible through: direct communication with students, providing them timely feedback through assessments, the ability to recognize the underlying nature of students’ questions, and to respond accordingly, is vital to effective teaching and above all timely access. I spend time with students before and after every tutorial/lecture to bridge any gaps of formality and make them feel comfortable in asking questions. In addition to weekly office hours, I maintain open-doors policy for students to provide them timely access.

Sheelan Abdulwahid Ahmed,
Apr 30, 2020, 3:42 PM