Academic Profile

Sheelan Abdulwahid

Lecturer  in Civil Engineering

(+964) - 7705164900
Koya - Kurdistan - Iraq

Outline Biography
I am Sheelan Abdulwahid Ahmed, graduated from the Collage of Engineering/Civil Engineering Department /University of Baghdad in 1998 and I awarded a Master of Science degree in Civil Engineering /Transportation Engineering/University of Baghdad in 2003. I worked as assistant lecturer at the University of Sulaimaniyah in 2004 , then I traveled to the United Arab Emirates and I worked in the field of civil engineering during the five years that I've been there I occupied many positions such as , projects coordinator and technical support, and the last position was the owner representative and head of Engineering Department in Diamond real estate development in Dubai and when I returned to Iraq I worked at the University of Koya on 22/12/2010 upto date I am one of the members of the teaching staff.

Research Interests
My research interest:
1- Pavement materials
2- Highway geometric design

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