At the FSCH, shaymaa adnan, I am teaching two courses namely;(code)
1- computer (Acc5300)
2-. c++ (Cpp6316)

Course code
Classroom: 3 (Hall no.)
No. of Students: 41

Course code
Stage: 3 
Classroom: 2
No. of Students: 33

Course code
No. of Students: 

My P
hiosophy in Teaching
to teach the students the skills of computer theoretically, so the students become more familiar to deal with computer office and software packages like Microsoft word, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Excel as well as Windows. Also the course will cover the definition of computer and its importance, the input and output hardware, the CPU and main memory, the storage media, the types of software, computer network, Internet Service and Viruses 
This course teaching the students how to deals with computer hardware and software and input devices and output devices theoretically and practically parts. Also the course covering how the computer works including the CPU ( central processing unit) and memories. Also the programming languages (C++) is given in this course and teach the students who they programming and solve it in computer lab.