Academic Profile

Mr. Shameran Jamal Salih
Assistant Lecture of Physical chemistry 

(+964) - 7501189499
Koya - Kurdistan - Iraq

Outline Biography

Shameran is a Lecturer of Physical Chemistry in the Chemistry Department, Faculty of Science and Health. He joined the work at Koya University since July 2004 as Assistant researcher. Before that he was teacher at the Ministry of Education / High school, Akre (2002-2004).

He gained a B.Sc. degree in Chemistry from Collage of Science education, Salahaddin University in 2002, M.Sc. degree in environmental physical Chemistry from Eastern Mediterranean University (North Cyprus) in 2014.

Research Interests
1. Solid surface modification.
2. Adsorption.
3. Activated carbon.
4. Design process for Industries waste treatment.
5. Removal of pollutants form aqueous solutions.
6. Oily wastewater.  

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