Teaching four courses:
1. Building Construction II (AE205)
2. AutoCAD and 3DMAX II (AE207)
3. Architectural Design III (AE301)
4. Architecture Environment and Acoustics (AE407)

Course code: (AE205)
Stage: Second
Classroom: F1DH1
No. of Students: 35

Course code: (AE207)
Stage: Second
Classroom: F1DH1
No. of Students: 35

Course code: (AE301)
Stage: Third
Classroom: F1DH2
No. of Students: 21

Course code: (AE407)
Stage: Forth
Classroom: F1DH4
No. of Students: 19
My P
hilosophy in Teaching
Teaching higher education curriculum in the Architectural Engineering field is extremely challenging but it can also be very rewarding. Though work experience is crucial to student’s success in the design with Environmental and construction fields, I believe the most valuable skills we can teach students in college are collaboration, self-education, and critical thinking within the context of their specific discipline. Those are the skills that they will take with them and they can be very beneficial in their daily career. I also believe education must be delivered with a sense of humor and a positive attitude. Technology is a passion of mine and I truly believe through its integration into standard curriculum students can receive the best education we have to offer to prepare them for an industry headed toward innovation at all after their graduation.