Academic Profile

Mrs. Shaida J. Fathullah

M.Sc. in Sustainable Building Technology/ Architectural Engineering
(+964) - 0 - 750 711 8686
Koya - Kurdistan - Iraq
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Outline Biography
Shaida received her B.Sc. Degree in Architectural Engineering from Koya University in 2009, then working as a demonstrator in the same department until 2011, when she became an M.Sc. student in Nottingham University in Unite Kingdom.  In 2012, awarded M.Sc. degree in Sustainable Building Technology\Nottingham University. Then she joined the department of Architectural Engineering in college of Engineering\ Koya university as an assistant lecturer.

Research Interests
1. Saving Energy and Reusing in Buildings.
2. Retrofitting and Rebuilding Existing Building.
3. Using Renewable Energy in Buildings.