At the FEDU, DKUR, I am teaching one course namely;
1. Kurdistani's Studies (KRS8200)l (KOU40201 DEPS).
2. Academic Debate     (ACD6500)

Course code in 

Academic Debate FEDU, DKUR
tage: First 
Classroom:  (Hall 8/ 5)
No. of Students DKUR: 85
No. of Students DEPS: 28
My P
hiosophy in Teaching

My aim is to help and innovate students in all their life through university especially inside classroom and support them to be very active in order to get high level of knowledge. I believe that student should study very hard with and without teacher's help to be independent in the future. Iam encouraging my students to be engaged in researches beside their study to expand their knowledge.