Research & Supervision

2013 MA in Kurdish Language at Salahaddin University/Erbil under the title of ((Code Switching in Conversation, Hawler city as a sample)).

Recently I am working in (11) research topic;
1- (tense in verb) in Kurdish language.
 2- (adverb) in Kurdish language.
3- ( lury's syntax) in Kurdish language.
4- (Task of pronoun) in Kurdish language.
5-(morphology) in Kurdish language.
6- Sentence of lekdrau morfimi plus 
 7- Task of language in society
8-  Language of man and buneueranielse
9-Verbal of poetry he side of (ismail khwrmaly)
10- Amrazy gayanar la rstay tekal
13-bkar nayar lazmany kurdyda.