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Koya University Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences (KUJHSS)
گۆڤارى زانكۆى كۆيە بۆ زانستە مرۆڤايەتى و كۆمەڵايەتييەكان
Dr.Haidar Lashkry Khidr, Dr. Salah Ismael Yahya, Muhammed Barzinji
Koya University

Abstract: """The importance of the KUJHSS for academics staff at the university, Features of the Journal , How to register in the Journal, Terms of writing research.How to send research, Publishing conditions, Acceptance and publication.
گرنگى گۆڤارى KUJHSS بۆ ستافى ئەكاديمى زانكۆى كۆيە، تايبەتمەندييەكانى گۆڤارەكە، چۆنێتى خۆتۆماركردن لە گۆڤارەكەدا،مەرجەكانى نوسينەوە، چۆن توێژينەوە دەنێرن،مەرجەكانى بڵاوكردنەوە، پەسەندكردن و بڵاوكردنەوە، . """

Keywords: KUJHSS, Humanities, Social Sciences, Articles, registration, Publishing

Date: 12/3/2017
Place: Presidency Hall