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Quality Assurance requirements and rules clarification for new academic staff  
Soma Fatah Rasul
Department of Medical Microbiology, Faculty of Sceince and Health, Koya University

Abstract: New academic staffs need to understand the rules that required by QA . In last academic year some teaching staff-members failed easily because they haven't got enough information about the system. therefore in this seminar will try to tell that every teaching staff-member should prepare his/her electronic portfolio to be evaluated by PF assessment committee as well as to be scored by the CAD assessment committee.

KeywordsQA academic year 2018-2019, Student Feedback , Teacher Portfolio , Continuous Academic Development (CAD)

Date: 13/11/2018
Place: Department of Medical Microbiology/ Hall No.13
Caroline Yousif Daniel,
May 29, 2019, 10:54 PM