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Model Reduction for Non-linear Protein Translation Pathways
Using Slow and Fast Subsystems

Hemn Mohammed Rasool
Department of Mathematics , Faculty of Sceince and Health, Koya University

Abstract: This seminar reviews the mechanisms of miRNA model where mathematical models of miRNA translation are suggested to describe the dynamics of protein synthesis. In this regard, we use the idea of quasi steady state approximation (QSSA) for separating model equations into slow and fast subsystems. This separation is based on a proper scaling that we have used in this study. The suggested technique provides one to minimize the model elements and gives some analytical approximate solutions. Accordingly, the equation of slow manifold can be calculated from the simplified model. The slow manifold is sufficiently close to the analytical solutions when the slow-fast parameter becomes smaller.

KeywordsmiRNA protein translation, Mathematical modeling, Slow and fast subsystems, Quasi steady state approximation.

Date: 09/03/2021
Place: Department of Mathematics/ Hall no.2
Caroline Yousif Daniel,
Mar 16, 2021, 7:22 AM