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Female Identity between Personal Independence and Patriarchal Authority: A Reading of Henry James's Washington Square
Saffeen Numan arif
Faculty of Humanities and Social Science, Department of English Lang. and Translation,Koya University

Abstract: This seminar is meant to discuss the position of woman in family and society in Henry James's novel, Washington Square (1880), trying to show to what extent women are controlled in a male-dominated society and to what extent they are allowed freedom or the right of self-determination. Should women remain subject to domestic and social marginalization? Or should they wait for the circumstances to bring about the change that they need? In the James's novel, the question of women's independence is left unanswered

keywords: feminism, freedom, patriarchy, male authority, identity, fortune-hunter, naivety
Place: FHSS/ Department of English Lang. and Translation/ Hall (8) Department of English/FHSS 
Caroline Yousif Daniel,
May 4, 2018, 4:59 AM