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Artificial Intelligence and Robotics
Goran Abdulrahman Mohammed
Department of Manufacturing Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Koya University

Abstract: The seminar introduces the fundamental concepts of the of Artificial Intelligence
(A.I.) and the Robotics.

The basic objective of AI (also called machine intelligence, or the simulation of cognitive behavior) is to enable computers to perform such intellectual tasks as decision making, problem solving, perception, understanding human communication (in any language, and translate among them), and the like.

The goal of robotics is to design machines that can help and assist humans. Robotics integrates fields of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, mechatronics, electronics, bioengineering, computer engineering, control engineering, software engineering.

Artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics are a powerful combination for automating tasks inside and outside of the factory setting. In recent years, AI has become an increasingly common presence in robotic solutions, introducing flexibility and learning capabilities in previously rigid applications.

Keywords: Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Robot,

Date: 09/03/2021
Place: Online/ Google meet.
Caroline Yousif Daniel,
Mar 16, 2021, 6:48 AM