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Web News Mining Using New Features: A Comparative Study
Halgurd S. Maghdid
Department of Software Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Koya University

Abstract: Web-based applications are a well-known platform to exchange information between Internet users. However, in this modern world, the processing of huge information or Big-Data such as web news or web advertisement of product information through users is the main challenge. In another side, such web applications are the most accessible media for users to get up-to-date information. Equally, these applications need huge computation in terms of spaces and times as well as they drain the battery power of the users' mobile devices. Therefore, one of the solutions to mitigate these challenges is to
mine or extract specific information based on specific features. 

Keywords: Web news application, data mining, classication, k-NN, decision tree, LSTM, accuracy.

Date: 27/03/2019
Place: Faculty of Engineering/ Nashmeil Hall
Caroline Yousif Daniel,
Apr 14, 2019, 6:12 AM