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It’s time to go green!” “Live a green life!
 Husein Ali Husein
Department of Architectural Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Koya University

Abstract: Sustainable building practices are the wave of the future. 
Going “green” is good for the environment and can be very good for your bank account. The demand for eco-friendly building practices is high. People are willing to pay more to waste less.
What is green building? Simply said, it is a method of construction that minimizes the effects on the environment. The growing trend to recycle, reuse, avoid abuse, and make the most of what you have with minimum impact on the future ecology of the planet has created a new opportunity for those involved in the construction industry.
Green building involves more than wood.
Plumbing fixtures that use a minimal amount of water to accomplish their task add to green building.
Low-wattage and natural lighting contribute to a green home.
The green movement in construction begins with land development. Developers have learned to create green spaces in land planning.

Keywords: Green building, Sustainability, environment, energy consumption. 

Date: 30/05/2017
Place: Faculty of Engineering/ Nashmeil Hall
Caroline Yousif Daniel,
Sep 24, 2017, 1:25 PM