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Geographic Analysis of Polluting of the Oil and Gas Industries in Erbil Governorate their Environmental Impact 
احمد جلیل اسماعيل
Department of Geography, Faculty of Education, Koya University

ِAbstract: In recent years, due to increase of population and high demand on industrial products to provide the needs of people, the number of industrial factories has increased. Especially these kind of industries that relay on oil and gas's products. These factories have a huge influence on polluting the environment. In recent year, Kurdistan region in general and Erbil governorate in particular has seen a high of building new power plants that relay on oil and gas's products. The main aims of this research is to show the negative role of oil and gas activities on the environment changes in Erbil city in the last few decades. Also this study display the role of oil and gas in Erbil environment pollution of soil, air, water, human health, climate changes, vague, temperature and land deforestation in the study, throw waste and a number gases into air directly such as manganese, NCL, Nitrogen, Co2, Co, So2, No,PB and Hydro carbonate

Keywords: Analysis of Polluting /Oil and Gas Industries /the Environmental Impact /Industrial products

Date: 06/05/2018
Place: Faculty Of Education,Department of Geographyهۆلی نه‌خشه‌كیشان
Caroline Yousif Daniel,
May 28, 2018, 8:48 AM