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E-learning Competencies of the lecturers at Koya University and Its Relationship with some Variables (Field Research)
Jabbar Ahmed Abdul-Rahman
Department of Kindergarten, Faculty of Education, Koya University
Abstract:  Knowing the ability and willingness of lecturers in using technology tasks is a key competency, necessary for learning and teaching. This study aimed to explore the list of e-learning competencies that university lecturers should have, and also to identify the availability of e-learning competencies of Koya University lecturers. The results revealed that e-learning competencies achieved good level among Koya University teaching staff, and also found no statistically significant differences between male and female lecturers in their e-learning competence. The faculty of Engineering outweighs both faculties of Humanities and Education, and the faculty of Science and Health outweigh the faculty of Humanities in their e-learning competencies. Additionally, there were no any significant differences between lecturers according to academic ranks in their e-learning competence.

Keywords: E-learning, Competencies, Lecturer, Internet, Computer.

Date: 08/05/2018
Place: Faculty Of Education,Department of Kindergarten/ Hall No. 3
Caroline Yousif Daniel,
Aug 4, 2018, 2:17 AM