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A comparative analytical study between some of the mechanical laws to extract the explosive power of the legs to the students of the faculty of physical education 
Nihad Ayub Qadir
 Department of Physical Education, Faculty of Education, Koya University

Abstract: The resultant measure of various tests are main theme which the researcher is going to shed light on, that also includes the explosive power measurement of the legs especially the selective test of (Sargent), that depends on the distance that jumps out laboratory vertically, and that was accredited test for a decade. So through this research the researcher is trying to study and shed light on all biomechanical existing laws which was used by other researchers in the previous and compare with some of them that means by the comparison of these laws the problem would be summed up so as to get any law that serve this mechanical test, and which one of them is more accurate than any others scientifically, therefore through our knowledge about mechanical law we serve more accurate to the scientific side. As well as to reach a sooner result with reality of the ability of the legs for the laboratory result in the previous tests. 
Keywords: General power, Harman, Johnson laws, Sargent

Date: 17/04/2018
Place: Faculty Of Education,Department of Physical Education
Caroline Yousif Daniel,
Jul 24, 2018, 9:32 AM