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Approaches to Politeness Theories
Bikhtiyar Omar Fattah
Department of English Language, Faculty of Education, Koya University
Abstract:  Approaches to politeness theories can be classified into the traditional approach and the discursive approach. The traditional approach that considers politeness from a universal perspective encompasses Lakoff’s politeness rules (1973), Grice’s Cooperative Principle (1975), Brown and Levinson’s politeness strategies (1978, 1987), and Leech’s politeness principle (1983). The discursive approach is concerned with the interactants’ perception and the role of culture and context in the analysis of interactions. Discursive linguists, such as Ide (1989, 1992) , Spencer-Oatey (2000), Mills (2003), Watts (2003), Bousfield (2008), Culpeper (2011), and many others either have improved on the traditional approach or adopted different arguments.

Keywords: Classical Approach, Discursive Approach, Community of Practice 

Date: 10/05/2017
Place: Faculty Of Education,Department of English Language
Caroline Yousif Daniel,
Sep 25, 2017, 6:27 AM