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Sociolinguistics: The right expression

Hawkar Omar Ali

Abstract: This seminar which is entitled (Sociolinguistics: The right expression) introduces the audience to what linguists call sociolinguistic competence. Topics that this seminar addresses include a number of themes. The content of these themes can be summarized as follows:
Tailoring language Register is the tailoring of language in accordance with social identity and includes forms of address, grammatical forms, and word choice.
Audience is important to consider in tailoring language. You need to adapt your speech depending on your listeners’ age, gender, social status, genre expectations, education, and specialization.
Interpersonal relationships will also determine the words and expressions that you use in communication.
Turn-taking Different cultures use differing approaches to turn-taking in interpersonal communication, formal communication, and on the telephone.
The use of silence Silence has communicative power. It is used in different ways in different cultures.

Keywords: Sociolinguistics, Expression, Tailoring Language, Turn-taking, 

Date: 16/01/2017
Place: Department of English Language 
Caroline Yousif Daniel,
Feb 25, 2017, 3:35 AM