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Terrorizing Zoroaster's Prophethood and the Opinion of Malay Gawra of Koya on Zoroastrianism

Ala Dara AbdulMajid

Abstract: This Seminar focuses on the prophecy or prophethood of the old Kurdish prophet Zoroaster and his book The Avesta. More than a century ago, the western printed sources and publications presented Zoroaster's doctrines and beliefs distortedly exploiting them to achieve their own aims; hence, this Seminar throws light on this aspect. 
Another aspect of the Seminar is the view of Malay Gawra of Koya, who was a distinguished enlightening intellectual and philosopher of his time and whose opinions were often much ahead of their time. He believed in the existence of Zoroaster and his being a Kurd supported by the great explainers before him

Keywords: Zoroaster Avesta the western printed sources view of Malay Gawra

Date: 20/12/2016
Place: Department of Kurdish Language