At the FEDU, DKIN, I am teaching one course namely;
1. Foundations of Art Education (FAE8622)
At the FEDU, DGEO and DRLE, I am teaching one course namely;
1- Principles of Education (PED8801)
2- Research methodology (RME8806)

Stage: Third
Classroom: 2 
No. of Students: 31

Classroom: 2
No. of Students: 57

Stage: second
Classroom: 1
No. of Students:25

My P
hiosophy in Teaching

I try to look after very deeply about each and every student in my class and strive to help all students to reach their potentials both as a student and as people too. My philosophy in teaching has always been that the most important goals for the students in my courses should be to gain a fundamental understanding of the concepts behind the material, and to know how and when these concepts may be applied, both within teaching and beyond it.

Enthusiasm fuels my methods of teaching classroom and motivates my students.  I thoroughly enjoy and I'm excited by teaching in general and the teaching of methods of education in particular. I have found that nothing is more motivational to students than genuine interest in what they are learning.