Welcome to my Academic Profile page. My name is Sarmad Fadhil Abdullah. I am a Lecturer with MSc. degree in Building Materials Engineering, teaching in the Faculty of Engineering at Koya University in Kurdistan Region, F.R. Iraq

Publications: x Books + x Journal Articles +x Conf. papers
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e-mail: sarmad.fadhil@koyauniversity.org
Mobile: (+964) - 7703470047
My Portfolio & CAD (PF&CAD) (Hyperlink)
I teach several topics at my faculty, i.e.
1. Building Materials & testing
2. Construction Building Materials Technology
3. Engineering Management and economics
4. methods of construction and estimation  

My research interests focus on;
1. investigation in new local building materials.
2. studying the durability of concrete.
3. find new materials and added to concrete as pozzolanic material.
4. find concrete with new physical and mechanical properties.
5. improve the mechanical and impact resistance of concrete

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