At the FENG, DPTE, I am teaching three course namely;
  1. Production Engineering II  (PEN5429)
  2. Production Engineering I (PEN5418)
  3. Drilling Engineering Lab. (DEN5416)

Course code (PEN5418)
Stage: 3rd stage
Classroom:  (Hall no. F1H1)
No. of Students: 47

Course code (
Stage: 4th stage 
Classroom: F1H2
No. of Students: 45

Course code(DEN5416)
Stage: 3r stage
Classroom: G-drilling lab
No. of Students: 47
My P
hilosophy in Teaching
  • I always believe that knowledge of the lecturer; his approach and behavior could absolutely influence the education and the knowledge outcome if he is healthy prepared.
  • I trust that effective teaching technique is very important part of learning proses on student side, this after preparation of class handout by lecturer.
  • Class activity is my duty in teaching philosophy.
  • Keeping audience attention is also very significant, beside this I always did the opening question before any new topic to get the student knowledge on the specified topic.