Academic Profile


Mr Sarhad Ahmed
Senior Lecturer of Petroleum Engineering
(+964) 0750 121 5159 & (+964) 0770 2489131
Koya - Kurdistan - Iraq

My ORCID 0000-0002-9920-9271

Outline Biography
Sarhad is an Assistance Lecturer of petroleum Engineering in the Department of petroleum Engineering, where he joined the work at Koya University since 2011. Before that he was an a Joiner Field Engineer in Weatherford Oil company, where he was a engineer in wireline logging (2011).
He gained a HCDP program and He went to UK to get MSc degree in Petroleum Engineering at Teesside University-Middlesbrough.
He started his academic teaching in 2013 when he joined the work at the Research center in Faculty of Engineering as an Assistant Lecturer, after one year research, he moved to kay Petroleum Engineering Department in 2014 
Mr. Sarhad participated more than seven safety courses in the oil industry sector. He participated two training courses, the first one in Istanbul in the TOTAL company about petroleum project management in 2009 and the second is the summer training course in TaqTaq company.
Since 2012, he is employee Faculty of Engineering at Koya University.
Recently, Mr Sarhad is teaching Production Engineering I , Engineering Mathematics and Drilling Engineering Lab.

Research Interests
  1. Production Optimization.
  2. Enhanced Oil Recovery methods.
  3. Oil well drilling planning
  4. Improvement of Gasoline Octane Number
  5. Production Tubing size optimization
  6. Multilateral well performance prediction 

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