At the FSCH ( DBIO and DMEM ), I am teaching 2 course practical lab namely;
1. LAB \ Parasitology (DMEM)
2. LAB \ Hematology and Endocrinology (BBIO)
3. LAB \ Hematology and Human Physiology  (DMEM)
4. LAB \ Histology and Embryology (BBIO)

1. PST6505 
Stage: 2nd of DMEM 
Name of LAB : lab Parasitology and Immunology 
No. of Students: 38

2 . HEN618
Stage: 3rd of DBIO
Name of LAB : lab Histology 
No. of Students: 32

3 . HHP6510
Stage: 2nd of DMEM
Name of LAB : lab Physiology
No. of Students: 34

4. HEM6111
Stage: 2nd of (BIO)
Classroom: Histology  lab 
No. of Students: 36

My P
hiosophy in Teaching

I believe that learner-oriented teaching promotes learning that is both purposeful and enduring. As a teacher, it is my responsibility to know who my learners are, what kinds of knowledge and experience they bring to the group, and what they want to achieve so that I can tailor a curriculum that fits their needs and yet leaves enough room to accommodate topics that emerge from group discovery. By assessing where my learners are with respect to our mutual learning goals, I can provide the scaffolding they need to build connections between what they already know and the new understandings they seek to create. I embrace case based teaching and other active learning activities because they stimulate intellectual camaraderie, argumentation, and cooperative problem solving and lay the groundwork for life-long collaborative practice.