At the FENG, DSWE&DRLE, I am teaching two courses namely;
1. Object Oriented Programming (OOP5309)
2. Academic Computing  (ACC5300)
3. Machine Learning (Practical)

OOP5309 Course
Stage: 2nd Stage
Classroom: F2H3
No. of Students: 27

ACC5300 Course
Stage: 1st Stage
Classroom: F2L6
No. of Students: 39

My P
hiosophy in Teaching

Computer science, like many other disciplines, was founded on and continues to grow by finding solutions to real problems. Due to the complex nature of computer hardware and programming techniques, solving problems with computers is rarely a simple process. Solutions must be designed and coded with a certain precision. Typically, students must be taught how to engage in this kind of problem solving.Although I have a particular solution in mind, I often let the students drive the progression of a lecture. Rather than tell the students the solution I have in mind, I ask them, “What should we try first?” We try some approach, see how it fares, and proceed based on that feedback.