Academic Profile

Mr. Saman Muhammad Omer

Assistant Lecturer 
MSc(ENG) in Advanced Software Engineering
(+964) - 7502454336
Koya - Kurdistan - Iraq
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Outline Biography

Saman is an Assistant Lecturer holding MSc(ENG) in Advanced Software Engineering in the Department of Computer Science, Faculty of Engineering , where he joined the work at Koya University since 2009. He gained a B.Sc. degree in Software Engineering from University of Koya in 2009, MSc(ENG) in Advanced Software Engineering from University of Sheffield  in 2012.

He started his academic teaching in 2009. He joined the work at the Koya University as an Assistant Engineer in the department of Software Engineering. In 2010, he got a sponsorship  from Ministry of Higher education and Scientific Research - Kurdistan Region Government - Iraq to UK. He finished his program in Advanced Software Engineering field in 2012. 

Since 2013, he is joined his academic teaching at the Koya University as an Assistant Lecturer in the department of Software Engineering.

He has been taught several courses like, Programming with Java , database information system, Computer App. & AutoCAD, MATLAB , Computer Organization , Data Structures and Compilers. 

Research Interests

1.Artificial Intelligence
2.Deep Learning   
3. Programming Languages.
4. Speech Processing 
5. Machine Learning 
6. Database.
7. Web-Programming

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