At the FENG, DARE, I am teaching three courses namely;
1. Architecture Design I  (ARD5001)
2. Google Sketch up Pro (SKU5048)
3. Auto Cad & 3DMax  (TDM5020)

Course code ARD5001
Stage: First
Classroom:  (DH4)
No. of Students: 33

Course codeSKU5048
Stage: First
Classroom: DH4
No. of Students: 33

Course codeTDM5020
Stage: Third
Classroom: Dh1
No. of Students: 28
My P
hiosophy in Teaching
Currently working as a lecturer for undergraduate students at the University of Koya. I am teaching the first and the third year undergraduate student. 
I believe, that the biggest challenge facing student who they are coming from high school to college are the new life and the new style of learning. The Department of Architecture in particular focused on the practical side ratio 70% while 30% for the theoretical side, so I found that there are some key points that I should be aware in my teaching philosophy, which they are: 
My teaching philosophy and personal teaching goals is to help students and to belief that the new generation is our future. 
I believe that educating others is a responsibility that should be taken seriously. 
I have to act as a mentor and guide by allowing the students natural curiosity to direct his/her learning. 
Each student has a unique profile of abilities, allowed for this student to demonstrate his or her ability, which has owned. 
Integrated curriculum has been successful in making students more aware of the challenges facing them. Through adapt and create ideas for their own curriculum needs when the appropriate opportunities are provided. 
Theoretical and practical lectures provided by Architecture Department will make a link between the academic and the practical life through visiting the construction sites and the stages of the foundation, construction and termination. 
Finally, the successful student will develop his or her ability to think critically in the practice of Architecture and to communicate clearly and effectively in a range of formats. 
Students should also be able to use technology effectively for educational purposes for foundation requirements, construction industry; define and use correctly developments and manipulate appropriate technologies.