Welcome to my Academic Profile page. My name is Samal. O. Baban. I am an Assistant Lecturer with a MSC degreein Urban Design -Architecture engineering, teaching in the Faculty of Engineering at Koya University inKurdistan Region, F.R. Iraq

Department/Faculty : DARE/FENG. 
Mobile: (+964) - 0770 122 1948
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Samal .O.Baban

Earned a bachelor's degree from the University of Technology in Baghdad, has won the third sequence at the university level technological age 2001-2002 .. 
He received a master's degree from the same university in 2004-2005 , and before enrolling at the University of Koya work in the field of construction and architecture as an engineer supervisor at residential buildings and as a representative of your company in East Baghdad. And then worked as a manager for Parsons Sites the U.S. and through the supervision of the health of the buildings end of 2006, as well as the work of architectural designs and desktops.
Now works as a lecturer in the Department of Architecture-Faculty of engineering at the University of Koya from the date of joining the University of Koya on 21/01/2007 .