At the Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences, Department of English, I am teaching three courses namely;
1. Linguistics (code)
2. Text Analysis (code)
3. Syntax (code)

Course code
Stage: 4 
Classroom: 23 (Hall no.)
No. of Students: 27

Course code
Stage: 4
Classroom: 23
No. of Students: 27

Course code
Stage: 3
Classroom: 24
No. of Students: 57
My P
hiosophy in Teaching
By their very nature, people are inquisitive. The goal of education should be to encourage seeking answers, as it is in this way that we advance. I seek to facilitate this advancement of knowledge, and the main theme of my teaching philosophy is reasoned thought. 
Whether in the classroom or in meeting groups of the general public, my goal is to encourage thinking in rational ways, so that this can be applied in other, unfamiliar situations. I particularly emphasize learning to think about trends and directions (e.g. increasing this will decrease that), rather than rote memorization of facts. 
I bring a lot of energy to my class. If I can't get excited about my subject, why should my students? There are a number of things I try to accomplish for my students:

1. A positive atmosphere. Students are called upon to discuss questions, but mistakes are treated as opportunities to explore misconceptions, not as a reflection of a student's abilities.

2. Empowerment. I believe that anyone can do well languages if they are willing to spend the time at it. Some pick it up quickly, some need to spend more time. If I provide any value added, it is in encouraging all my students to be interested enough in the subject to invest more time. Then, I try to make sure they spend their time productively.

3. Respect. Students work hard, earn their grades, and are entitled to their opinions. My task is to facilitate their learning process.